What would the market be…

…without a sudden change of plans caused by some unexpected thing happening? Well… To re-use a phrase from a previous post: That’s what the market is all about. Usually, it is a good thing. But today, it causes the blog to be a bit boring. Here is what happened:

I visited the Sami Education Center as planned, earlier in the afternoon. I saw the great exhibition made by the students, as well as lots of other people showcasing their work. As always, the amount of talent, creativity and tradition is amazing. And there were lots of visitors, even more than I had expected. I’m happy I went there today, because it will probably be even more people in the building tomorrow when the Sami National Day (February 6th) is celebrated. Afterwards, I made yet another full walk around the market area, and got some great photos. But as I got back to my office to publish the photos, I got a phone call from my father who was nearby – and I went out for a car ride around Jokkmokk with him. And when he had dropped me off at home, I realized that the camera (from which I had not yet copied the photos) was still in the office. So, this evening I’m left without the ability to post the photo albums I had in mind. But trust me, I’ll publish them tomorrow – along with highlights from the events tomorrow.

For tonight, I can once again recommend the #jokkmokk page, which features a lot of great photos from Instagram.