Preparing for the Jokkmokk market of 2016!

It is now just over a week until the Jokkmokk Winter Market 2016 starts, and just as I have done the past three winter markets, I will be blogging from the upcoming market as well. Because of heavy workload in December and January, I haven’t got as much time as I would have wanted to plan for what I will do this year, but after visiting more than 20 winter markets I have a pretty good idea of what to do and what priorities to make.

This year, I will focus on three things that have been more or less absent in the blog: Adventure experiences, video coverage and revealing what happens behind-the-scenes of the events. During the previous three winter markets (2013-2015), I have gathered a big photo collection, lots of unpublished video and other material that simply hasn’t made it to the blog. As I’ve sorted through this material, I’ve found a number of photos and videos that I really want to publish – so expect some flashbacks to be included this year.

And yes, I will be writing in English this year. The simple reason for that is that I’ve noticed that the blog gets a better reach, as a significant part of the visitors (and people who are interested in visiting the winter market) lives outside of Sweden. Worth pointing out is that the coverage of the 2013 and 2015 markets were both written in Swedish.

Official preparations start in the middle of next week, and as always: If there is anything specific you want me to write about – feel free to send me an e-mail. All suggestions, ideas and requests are very welcome! The address is My home base when not being outdoors will be Jokkmokks It-Center, Föreningsgatan 1.

See you soon, and welcome to the Jokkmokk