Friday: Another sunny day!

The second day of the winter market opened up to sunshine and a slightly colder temperature than yesterday. The thermometer shows -20 degrees Celsius, an improvement from the -25 degrees that we had early in the morning. There is not a single cloud in the sky, and once again the streets are full of people. Once again, my phone turned itself off because of the temperature, but I managed to get two photos of Storgatan (the main street).

2016-02-05 - Friday, 11:30

2016-02-05 - Storgatan by 11:30

In just a moment, the reindeer rajd will pass through the market area, drawing large crowds as it moves along the streets. It will make it a bit of a challenge to pass the spot where it is – but it is of course a part of what the market is all about. It is always nice to see the excitement the rajd causes, especially among visitors who have never been close to (or even seen) reindeers before. If my schedule holds up, I’ll be at the snow stage by this time tomorrow to take photos of this years rajd.