Don’t miss the webcam!

The opening ceremony of the 2016 winter market in Jokkmokk starts in less than an hour. I will of course be there to take photos and record some video. I was planning to broadcast the opening ceremony through Bambuser or through Facebook, but the iPhone that I use for broadcasts doesn’t work when the temperature gets too low. With a current temperature of -22 degrees Celsius, I will need to focus on still photography and shorter video clips. I will post a photo album from the opening ceremony tonight.

Until then, check out the webcam that shows a live feed of a part the market area. As you can see, there are already vendors in place, and people moving around the area. The opening ceremony will take place in the same area (about 50 meters to the right of the passage seen in the webcam), and there will most likely be a lot of people passing the camera during the opening ceremony. Look for people waving to the camera, it happens quite often. If the camera feed doesn’t work (the high traffic may cause some bandwidth problems), try again in a short while.

Webcam from the Jokkmokk winter market

Now, I’m ready to get my warmest jacket on. It is time to get the winter market started!