The Sami Education Center (part 2)

Today, February 6th, is the Sami national day, and since it usually happens during the winter market in Jokkmokk of which the Sami culture is a major part, it has been celebrated in many different ways in Jokkmokk today. While the reindeer race kept me busy for most of the afternoon, there were several events taking place which I would have wanted to see.

One such thing is the Asa Kitok Scholarship, which is awarded by Sámi Duodji to one artist working with fine Sami arts and handicraft, each year since 2005. This year it was given to Lena Sandberg Johansson for her beautiful work, which include engravings on glass. I missed the scholarship presentation ceremony today, but I will show you more about Lena’s art tomorrow.

I did, however, see the art of several previous Asa Kitok scholarship recievers today, during my visit to the Sami Education Center. For example the silver jewelry of Randi Marainen and the wood and horn art by Nils-Johan Labba. I also met Britt-Inger Blind, who works with a project that is creating a documentation for Sami food traditions, recipes and ingredients, and got material for another post that I’m hoping to finish and publish tomorrow.

Attached to this post is a photo album of exhibitors at the Sami Education Center, part 2 that follows the student exhibition that I posted earlier today.