The Sami Education Center (part 1)

Samernas Utbildningscentrum (The Sami Education Center) is a folk high school in Jokkmokk with a very long tradition. It was established in 1942 and has educations for duodji (handicrafts), the Sami language, business, nature and social studies. Every year during the winter market, the students are are hosting an exhibition showing the work that they have created during their first 1,5 years at the education center. It is one of the most visited handicraft exhibitions during the market, and it is easy to understand why when you see the beautiful creations.

The education center is also a mini-market by itself, with other Sami artists (of which many are former students) who display and sell their art and handicraft. In total there are around 40 exhibitors in place.

I visited the education center this morning, and got a guided tour by headmaster Per Stefan Labba. Here is the first part of the photos I took, showing the student exhibition. A second photo gallery showing other exhibitors will be published later.