The last few hours

Daylight has faded away, and the last evening of the winter market is here. It will be full of entertainment events, dances, artist performances and lots of parties and festivities. Hotel Jokkmokk will serve a multi-course dinner, and after that the much-anticipated Sámi dance party will start. At Folkets Hus, singer Jan Johansen will perform with the band In Depth. I would assume that a lot of people in Jokkmokk will be away for many, many more hours tonight – as this is the final night that puts an end to this years winter market.

Personally, I am opting out of parties and other evening activities, to rather spend this Saturday night at home with my family. But I will do my best to collect stories and possibly photos from other people who will be at different events tonight, and publish it tomorrow.

Tomorrow, yes… There is really a tomorrow, despite the fact that the winter market will be over by then. It is commonly said that the winter market in Jokkmokk is what define the start and the end of the year. There is the time before the market, and the time after the market. The time after the market is usually very calm, very silent and very relaxed. The last thing I wrote in this blog last year, was that it was time to start a new year. But I will continue to publish material tomorrow, since I have a lot of photos and videos collected, and a number of more stories to tell. For example, I still need to show the video of inuit dance and throat-singing!

So, welcome back tomorrow for more posts, and for a summary of the 2014 winter market in Jokkmokk from the perspectives of a number of different people (including me)…