The historical market

Today I visited the historical market at Hembygdsgården. As mentioned, it is a kind of winter market by itself, with a historical theme. I was wrong about electricity last time I mentioned the historical market, there were more lamps than fires this year, but the old houses and traditional outfits of the salesmen (as well as the selection of products for sale) did its best to contribute to the illusion of visiting a winter market as it may have looked in the past.

At the time of my visit, there were not very much people in the area. The location, in the forest beside Lake Talvatis, may be a bit hard to find for first-time visitors. But the salesmen I interviewed said that it had been a slow but steady stream of people passing by throughout the day. Tomorrow, the symbolic fire from the historical market will be passed to the organizers of the main winter market, in an opening ceremony from which I will be broadcasting live through Bambuser.

Here are some photos from the historical market. Click the thumbnails to see larger photos. For more information about the historical market, see its website: