Sunday, February 9th, early morning

After almost ten hours of sleep, I am back at the computer to sort all the photos and videos from yesterday. I will continue to publish posts throughout the day, and also upload videos and photo galleries, before ending the coverage of this week with a summary tonight.

The roads in the market area has been opened up for regular traffic again, but there are still plenty of cars and trailers parked on the sidewalks. Many visitors have left Jokkmokk, but for those who are still here, this Sunday could be a good day to see the exhibitions that are still open. Ájtte museum with the art of Maj Doris Rimpi and Queering Sápmi among many other things, The Old Pharmacy with lots of handicraft and the clothes from the fashion show are still open. So is the workshop, shop and exhibition of Jokkmokks Tenn, which is a great place to find beautiful gifts and souvenirs.

(The video above shows Storgatan, yesterday afternoon.)