Events, a world record and the full schedule…

As mentioned, there are more events, exhibitions, concerts and other arrangements taking place in and around Jokkmokk than I will be able to write about here. For example, Vuollerim (50 kilometers from Jokkmokk) has a huge and truly beautiful collaborative event called “The village of the 1000 ice lanterns“. I will not be able to visit it myself, but I hope that I will be able photos taken by other visitors from the event in a future blog post. Until then, check out the link to see photos from last year, as well as a video of the official Guinness World Record display of 2.651 ice lanterns that were lit during the 2013 winter market week.

As for the full market schedule, you can find it online in various forms:

– There is a web version on the official website of the winter market.

– There is also a printable PDF version which includes a lot of additional information and interesting advertisements.

– And finally, there is a simple but very useful mobile-friendly site which I use quite a lot right now.

All linked versions are in English, but the schedule is of course also available in Swedish as well.

Another great way of finding interesting events to visit are to look for the hundreds of signs that are placed all around Jokkmokk. I should actually make a photo album consisting of such signs, a phenomenon that is a significant part of the winter market tradition…

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