Coming up: Jokkmokk Winter Market 2014

With less than one week left before the winter market week of 2014 starts in Jokkmokk, there is one word that could be used to describe the general atmosphere: Anticipation. After a couple of cold weeks with temperatures below -30 degrees Celsius, the temperature is now at a comfortable -12 degrees. The first round of snow removal has cleared the streets and sidewalks to make space for salesmen and visitors. Snow sculptures are being created, business owners are preparing for a week with a lot more customers and the blog you are reading right now will soon become an active stream of texts, photos, videos, sounds and other forms of shared experiences from the Jokkmokk winter market.

This time, Jokkmokk: Live! will be written in English, to make experiences from the winter market available and accessible for a lot more people all around the world. There will be articles, photo galleries, live video streams, YouTube clips, sounds and more, published directly from the Jokkmokk winter market – live as it happens. A collaboration project between Destination Jokkmokk (a part of Swedish Lapland) and local computer company Jokkmokks IT-Center, Jokkmokk: Live! will make it possible to experience a part of the many events that arrangements that the winter market offers, even if you are half a world away.

The blog is written and administrated by Andreas Viklund, a web designer and writer from Jokkmokk who has a huge passion for his home town and for the winter market – and for finding exciting ways to use the internet to share experiences and tell stories. The blog will also have a stream of content from social media services like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, where everyone will be able to share photos and texts using the hashtag #jokkmokklive.

The blog go into “live mode” on Monday the 3rd of February, when the winter market week starts. The main market starts on Thursday, February 6th, but there will be lots to write about preparations, recommendations and events during the first days of the week as well. Live broadcasts through the Jokkmokk Live Bambuser channel (which will also be embedded on a page here) are planned for the opening ceremony on Wednesday the 5th, the reindeer race on Thursday and the main market event on Friday and Saturday. A schedule will be posted early next week.

Reindeer race at Jokkmokk winter market 2010

Regarding the reindeer race, here is a teaser: Jokkmokk: Live! will, if everything works out technically, record and broadcast atleast one race from a participants perspective. The official theme of the 2014 winter market is “The Reindeer”, and you will meet a number of reindeers in this blog throughout the week…

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