Björn Uglem at Ájtte museum

On Friday the 7th, Björn Uglem (who is, by now, a familiar name to readers of this blog) had two performances at Ájtte museum. The first was in the grand hall, and I was there to listen and photograph him as he showed throat-singing and Alaskan inuit dancing. He started his performance dressed in the magnicifient dress that I have mentioned earlier, and gradually took it off since it is way too warm to use indoors – especially when dancing.

The hall was full of people, so many that I had to sit on the floor as all seats were already taken. During the performance, many in the audience tried to sing along – and a few brave people even joined Björn on stage for a dance. Serious points, life wisdoms and stories were mixed with humorous jokes and surprises. It was a great show, with many good lessons and things worth keeping in mind. And spending time with Björn before, during and after the reindeer race on Thursday was nothing but a pleasure. I hope to see you back in Jokkmokk again soon, Björn!

Attached video: Björn Uglem shows throat-singing, encouraging the audience to sing along. He explains that you can practice in the subway (which makes the audience laugh) or the shower, but also says that if you practice in your bed with your partner beside you, it may be a good idea to explain what you do before you do it.