And so it begins!

Snow sculpture - Jokkmokks Marknad

The winter market week of 2014 has started in Jokkmokk, and guests and visitors have started to arrive. One of the first events is the Jokkmokk Winter Conference, which will feature presentations and panel discussions on the theme “Make it happen: Eco-Mobility for the North” in the Ája building for four days. The historical winter market has also started. I will visit both events tomorrow to take photos and speak with participants.

Handicraft and art exhibitions are open at various locations around Jokkmokk, such as “Magical Lapland” by Maikki Mäkinen at Gamla Apoteket (“the old pharmacy”). I don’t know more about it than the title, but it was enough to make me curious so I will drop by to find out more.


I’m also seeing that people are visiting this site from a number of different parts of the world already, so I’d like to post a reminder: If there is anything specific you want me to write about, take photos of or record on video, please let me know. I will be sharing my own experiences of the Jokkmokk winter market here, but I would also be happy to pay special attention to things that are of interest to people who read this blog. Send an e-mail to the address in the site header, or an SMS/iMessage to the phone number, if you have requests or suggestions.