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About Andreas, the blogger

Andreas Viklund, webb- och mediaproducent på Jokkmokks It-Center

Andreas Viklund

My name is Andreas Viklund and I am 36 years old. I grew up in Porjus, but have lived for more than ten years in Jokkmokk. I work as a web designer and media producer for Jokkmokk It-Center, although for the last six months I’ve had a couple of other temporary jobs – including as a receptionist / tourist information officer at the tourist information in Jokkmokk (working for Destination Jokkmokk, from June to September 2015) and as a communications strategist for Dálvvadis Ekonomisk Förening (October 2015 – January 2016).

During the winter market week, this blog is a full time project where I document, edit and publish my winter market experiences using a GoPro Hero 4 Silver camera and an iPhone 5S mobile phone as the primary tools in the field. When I’m not outdoors on the market or in any side event, I will be working from my regular workplace, Jokkmokk It-Center on Föreningsgatan 1 in Jokkmokk (between STOORSTÅLKA and Café Gasskas). The Jokkmokk winter market in 2016 will be the fourth consecutive year that I write this blog, and it has become a personal winter market tradition for me to document and share the market as I experience it.

To get in touch with me, you can send me an e-mail, or SMS / iMessage to my mobile phone number: +46 70 634 31 27. The blog is open to everyone, so if you want to submit your own market-related material (texts, photos, videos – or just a greeting), just let me know and we’ll make it happen! The more who share their marketing experiences, the more you blog readers to experience the market.

The history of Jokkmokk: Live!

Jokkmokk: Live! was launched to cover the winter market of 2013, and recieved positive acclaim and appreciation from the very start. Thousands of visitors found the blog during market week, and live broadcasts made via Bambuser (something that had never been done from an event in Jokkmokk before) was seen by hundreds of people. During the first year, the blog was written i co-operation with local tourism organisation Destination Jokkmokk. The blog language was Swedish. Through images, texts, videos and personal reflections, blog readers could follow the winter market and take part in various experiences and arrangements. And through direct contact with the blogger via email, phone, SMS and personal meetings, blog readers could provide tips, requests, suggestions and recommendations – making the blog more dynamic and interactive. The blog was active only during the winter market week, and was then left online to serve as an archive for anyone wanting to read it at any other time of the year.

When the 2014 market was approaching, the decision was made to proceed with the Jokkmokk: Live! blog, and to develop the concept further. The language was changed to English, and regional tourism organisation Swedish Lapland became a blog partner. During the 2014 market, Jokkmokk: Live! became a more active part of the arrangements that were visited, and the blog’s readers could follow the arrangements closer. One of the most notable elements were reindeer race, where Jokkmokk: Live! was one of the participants. More photo albums, videos and posts were published – and the blog reached out internationally in a way that it did not do the year before.

By 2015, there was never any doubt about running the blog a third time. By then, the blog started to become a tradition of its own, and once again the ambition was to find new and more exciting ways to share as many winter market experiences as possible. With two good years to look back at, the organizers of the Jokkmokk winter market 2016 became a blog partner, and decided to name Jokkmokk: Live! the official blog of the Jokkmokk winter market. Destination Jokkmokk was also a partner, as in previous years. For the 2015 winter market, the blog also got its own Facebook page. New and exciting posts included the first ever video showing a reindeer race from the perspective of the participant (a second video, filmed in higher quality, followed shortly afterwards). The opening ceremony was broadcast live on Bambuser, along with the reindeer rajd. There was also concert footage filmed and published, among other things from the Kitok performance at Cafe Gasskas. Later in 2015, parts of the footage that was recorded for this blog, was shown in the music video for Kitok’s new single “Norrsken i baren” – showing a great example of the value of having all material on this site released under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

Note abot CC-BY-licensed images: All material posted 2013-2015 is released under the Creative Commons license. Material posted in 2016 is not released CC-BY-licensed, but protected of copyright. Licensing options are available.

All the previous winter market blogs have been archived, and can be found under “Archive” in the main menu of this blog.

The 2016 Historical market and the 2016 Jokkmokk Winter Market

I am now preparing for running the Jokkmokk: Live! blog for the fourth time. Just as before, the blog will cover both the Historical market (which takes place from February 1st to February 3rd) and the big Jokkmokk winter market (February 4th to February 6th). Once again, the winter market organizers have made Jokkmokk: Live! the official winter market blog, so Jokkmokks Marknad is the blog partner of 2016.

For questions about licensing / purchase of materials, please contact Andreas at the address andreas@jokkmokk.info or by phone: +46 70 – 634 31 27.